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Ishaan India

Hi there! my name is Ishaan from India. Just want to say a big thank you to Mr. smith for guiding me through the PTE certificate process. I took the PTE exam some time ago in April. But i didn’t like my score. So i decided to buy the PTE certificate online in India. Finding a reliable person was tough but a friend of mine recommended this website to me. When i contacted support team, Mr. Smith responded and was always ready to answer all my questions. He made sure he cleared all my doubts. Now i have successfully moved to Australia for work. Thanks again Mr. Smith.

Jonathan Greary

Jonathan Greary Ottawa

After I messaged you guys yesterday Sunday. I thought you offered 24/7/365 days customer support. But it seems you don’t. I am glad you responded by evening. Thanks!

Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams Malaysia

I had problems with my Visa. After a long wait my visa was rejected. So i won’t be traveling any longer. I’m glad you guys were able to understand and refund me. Thanks for the refund agent Smith!


Poja Australia

I am extremely grateful to testify this team is 100% professional and verify legitimate

Charishe Moseley

Charishe Moseley India

Hello, I have got my desired score, thank you for the wonderful website especially Lmp, I have got many questions from this website, thank you once again.😊

Lenka Vlnka

Lenka Vlnka Turkey

hi there, i forgot my password and i cannot use your website to practice. my user name is svismeh when i want to inter and pay for pte practice send me a massage that your email is used in this website. i would be appreciated if you can help me in this way.

Parvinder Kaur

Parvinder Kaur India

hello, i need a monthly paid subscription,but in your site there is no option for paid package,so help me how i get this package


Pouyan Canada

On behalf of many other English learners, as well as PTE-Academic test takers, I really appreciate your endeavor for designing such a helpful website.

Mostafa khajevand

Mostafa khajevand Saudi Arabia

Hello… The support is really approachable and friendly. You have your questions answered in less than a couple of minutes. I really appreciate that…

Lenka Sramova

Lenka Sramova Sri Lanka

I lost my password and I am not able to set a new one, please can you help me.



I studied PTE from ptepearson90.org and I passed the exam. It helped so much. Thank you very much again. I appreciate it. Have a nice day.

Indiara Platel

Indiara Platel India

I highly recommend the PTE study team if you are looking for excellent coaching. I had struggled to study for the PTE academic for nine months, and in that time, I had five coaches, none of them matched the commitment, professionalism, and sensitivity. In three months, I got my desired score! Many thanks to all the PTE study team (website, didactic, and private classes), especially Coach Bahareh! She is a person who will always be in my memory, eternal gratitude for teaching me the best techniques, and adapting each one of them to my needs and difficulties! Make sure you are a specially distinguished team! All the best to you!


Alig.h Bangladesh

Such an amazing platform for Pte practice, and provides whatever you’re looking for in pte, highly recommended to use this website and don’t waste your time with other websites.